10 Nov

No, there is not typo in the headline. But as a fellow crafter, you already knew that WIP stands for “Work In Progress”, right? Well, I suffer from too many WIPs on a regular basis. My sewing WIPs I can store next to my sewing machine, where they bother no one – except me, when I want to start the next project. But my knitting WIPs have accumulated in the living room on my small knitting table. Over time, they spilled over it and onto the couch. That was about the time when my husband politely, but firmly asked me to tidy up my “mess”. No, he is not a crafter, but I love him anyway.

I tried to rearrange my WIP, well, pile may be to small a word… But to not long-term avail. The pile kept falling over itself and back on to the couch. I kept looking for a better solution, but somehow my creativity left me there. Then, one day, while looking for a completely different pattern, I stumbled across a pattern for a sown barrel-bag in this book. That was just about the size I was looking for. I immediately marked the page and here is how it turned out:



The fabric is from Markower and some other unknown designer. I bought it years ago without having a clear pattern in mind for it. Since it was not so cheap, I always refrained from using it, because it was somehow precious to me. But now I wanted to make this bag as fast as possible and hunting for the perfect fabric (and waiting for it to be delivered) was out of question. So I made this bag in one day and was able to surprise my husband with a perfectly neat and cleaned up knitting table and living room.

For size comparison, I’ve put in the latest VK issue in the bag to give you some perspective:

WIP Bag with perspective

WIP Bag with perspective

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