Hello and welcome to my blog! I am “KnitsWithKnopf”, the Ravelry Designer.

On this blog I try to accumulate all my creative projects, involving yarn, fabric, words and many other materials. I will be adding current projects as well as projects from the past, once I get around to write about them.

Have a look around in the different categories, find out more about me, and leave a comment, if you like what you see. Happy Crafting!

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Finally, content!

Yay! I’ve got content for the first few new categories. Find below in random order, what has happend since the last post.*

Play It Again, Sam!:

  • I have been testknitting a pair of toe-up socks for a Ravelry designer in the last month. Fortunately for the designer, the necessecity to frog and re-knit parts of it, did not stem from a faulty pattern, but solely from my un-ability to read patterns. For the first sock (the original testing sock), I happily knit along from the toe up until I had the lenght I needed for the entire foot. Yes, the entire foot. But I had not considered the increases for the heel. So I had to rip back about 30 rounds of foot to add those increases.
  • The second disaster with this sock was averted just barely before it happened. I am knitting the sock for a friend who has larger feet than I have. Additionally, the sock is knit on US 1 / 2.25mm needles over 78 stitches. Usually, I need about 40g / 175m of sock yarn for a sock for me (64 st, slightly smaller feet, 2.25-2.5mm needles). I had not considered how much more yarn I would need for the larger foot, higher stitch count and smaller needles. Usually, I knit about as many pattern repeats on the shaft of the sock as I have knit on foot (or vice versa). On this sock, I had knit about 2.5 repeats for the foot. I had just about reached 1,5 repeats, when I realised that my remaining skein was getting very light. I weighed it and it was at just about 55g, so I had already knit almost half of my yarn and still needed to knit the ribbing. I had caught it just in time.
  • The third time, that the sock (the second one this time) allowed me to play it again was once more at the heel increases. First, I felt smart, because I had noted in my pattern on which row I needed to start the increases. What I had not remebered was that the patterns called for two regular rows without increases instead of the one I am usually knitting. So, 20 rounds to frog and re-knit.

Soul Food:

  • While browsing through a newsletter from a website specialising in US-like foods for the German speaking population in Europe, I found a fantastic and fairly easy recipe for barbecue sauce. We’ve tried it together with the Armadillio Eggs from the same page and we were both totally thrilled. The Armadillios have made it onto our “to make again”-list, and the BBQ sauce will be replacing all the store-bought stuff we had, but still didn’t especially like.

Making All the Things:

Whatcha Hearing?: Right now, I’m cathcing up with a whole lot of podcast episodes. But so far, none have given me the AHA-moment that I really need to share. But, for Audiobooks, well. I can definitely recommend a few:

That will be all for now. Anything else, I’ll keep for the next edition. Happy Crafting!

* Ok, I cheated. I started writing this post right after that last one about the second Makeover. But at least, I finally have some content!

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Makeover 102

Ok, I was very optimistic about a few things. First, I did not write the next post as soon as I immagined. But  I’ve already told you. I will not punish myself (or anyone else) for this here. So, on to the things I was really optimistic about, the Blog topics. It turns out, I missed a couple of categories, in my initial Makeover. So, here are the additon and corrections:

Making All the Things: This was initially intended as a draft list for new projects. But, I will be writing about my new projects in  different categories. So, here, I will rather tell you about the patterns and ideas I’ve spotted since the last post. It’ll hopefully inspire you and fill your Ravelry queue and project lists.

Play It Again, Sam!: Others call it “When Knitting Attacks” or “Frog Pond”. Basically, I will post about my mishaps with my projects, how they came about and (hopefully) how I solved the problems.

Soul Food: I’ve rediscovered the joys of cooking (and baking). I’d like to share the occasional kitchen experience here with you.

30 days of…: The Knitmore Girls recently talked about an idea from annother podcast (sadly, I’ve forgotten the source), where the committing person would do a certain thing every day for 30 days in a row. The idea works best in May (rhyme’s the reason: 30 days in May), but I’m sure, it will work for any consecutive 30 days, regardless of their belonging to a specific month. If I find something, I’d like to do for such a period, I will post about it here.

So, that’s the plan. Now onto filling all this with content! Happy crafting!

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Makeover 101

Wow. It has been more than 13 months since I last posted here. This is an incredibly long time and a lot has happened since then. I will not try and recapitulate all that I missed writing about. Those of you who are interested in my crafting knitting projects are more than welcome to browse to my Ravelry project page.

I may talk about the few projects related to other crafts at some other time in the future, when the topic fits. I have thought quite some time about what and when I will write my future posts. To categorise the what a little better, I have come up with these categories:

NLF – Needle Liberation Front: All finished objects since last post, knitting (and occasional crochet) only.
Lost in Space: All the non-yarn related projects like paper crafts or my projects within TRMN.
Making all the things: New WIPs, planned projects
Can you hold this for a minute?: Projects put on hold due to time constraints or in favour of other WIPs.
Whatcha hearing?: My current audiobook, notable podcast episodes.

Bits and bytes: Everything that does not fit any of the above categories, but is still noteworthy.

As you can see by the gap between this and the last post, the when might be a smidgen more difficult to plan for. I have decided against a rigid schedule based on the calendar, as that approach did not work the last time. Instead, I will be posting whenever I have enough content for two or three categories. So my posts may vary in length , depending on the categories that I’m filling. I already have the odd items for the next post, so you may be hearing from me again sooner than you think.

May the Craft be with you.

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April’s got its own head

Well, I had intended to name this post “April Showers”, but for some reason, the KnottyGirls Knitcast seem to get their monthly theme out before I can post, and I feel a bit greedy snatching their topics all the time.Also, this post is more than just a bit late. But still: pretty pictures, nice projects ;)

I’ve been rather busy this month (April, that is) and got a total of 5 (five!) projects done. Granted, two were baby socks, but even those take time. And I added a few squares to my Rainbow Blankie and this month’s square of the Daily Tricorder Blanket on top of that. Having all this listed up here below, does make me feel quite accomplished. I hope to have as much knitting time in the coming weeks as I had before. The weather forecast for May promises a few sunny days, which I’ll be spending outside with my husband, instead of inside and knitting. I know, I can knit on the balcony, too. But only, if hubby is working and we’re not out and abouts. But less speculation, more finished objects:

First off, the Baby Socks, Boy and Girl version:

Boy's Baby Socks

Boy’s Baby Socks

Baby Girl Socks

Baby Girl Socks


Next up, Another Baby Item, a sweater, made for a colleague of my husband’s. I named it Yogurette Pullover, because the colours remind me so much of those strawberry-yoghurt-filled chocolate bars.

Yogurette Baby Pullover

Yogurette Baby Pullover

The fourth project was something, I had wanted to knit for some time. I did not have any yarn in a matching weight, except for some Acrylic. But the yarn was intended as “scarf yarn”, so it is reasonably soft. And the pattern is a quick knit, so if I stumble across some nicer yarn in a matching weight for a bargain, I’ll knit this cowl again in prettier colours and nicer yarn:

Honeycomb Nexus Cowl

Honeycomb Nexus Cowl

The fifth project is a felted dice cup. I have been playing pen-and-paper roleplay games with my husband recently and I disliked having only limited control over my dice. I looked for a nice leather dice cup, but I also wanted something portable, if we take the game and dice with us on vacation. The felted version is a little less sturdy than the leather cup, of course. But it is at least partially foldable and thus much easier to pack.

Unfelted it looked like this:

Dice Cup, unfelted

Dice Cup, unfelted

The finished, felted version then looked like this:

Dice Cup, felted

Dice Cup, felted


Lastly, my April submission for the Daily Tricorder Readings Blanket and the first four squares of the next set for the Rainbow Blankie:

DTRB Square 4

DTRB Square 4

Rainbow Blankie Fifth Set, first squares

Rainbow Blankie Fifth Set, first squares

I hope to post my May projects a lot sooner. But it’s almost June now… So, we’ll see. In the meantime, happy crafting!


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March-ing On

March’s project list is relatively long, despite that I did not have as much time for crafting as I wished for. I’ll just get right to it and tell you someting about my projects. In addition to the the Ranbow Blankie Squares that I finished earlier this months, I managed to squeeze in a few other projects, too. So this post is another “collection”.

First off, I joined another Sock-KAL, hosted by one of my favourite online yarn shops, The pattern was provided free of charge with a yarn purchase, and just like the others, I enjoyed knitting it a lot. I used some relatively old yarn, bought at the shop. It was one of the, sadly discontinued, hand-dyed sock yarns by the owner. The socks turned out beautifully and fit perfectly. Maybe my love for sock knitting stems from the fact that almost all my socks turn out so well and it’s a real joy to wear them. Have a look at this pair:

Cosima Kaylas

Cosima Kaylas

My next project was a crochet project. I had seen the pattern in a Ravelry post by a fellow SFFAC officer and was very intrigued by the simplicity and usefullness of the object. Despite the fact that I am not the most accomplished crocheter, I tried making the Swiffer Sock. It was not as perfect as the original in the pattern. Maybe I should practice crochet more, because I never seem to get the hang of counting stitches correctly. But it’s just looped yarn, as with knitting, right? So why can’t I wrap my mind around it? Anyway, I’m sure you want to see how I used up some stash cotton in an ugly colour:

Swiffer Sock, aka Quarter Cleaner

Swiffer Sock, aka Quarter Cleaner


Another “project” was the next square of the Daily Tricorder Readings Blanket:

DTRB Square 3 - February Data

DTRB Square 3 – February Data


Aside from these, I finished some baby items again. A colleague of my husband and a colleague of mine are preagnant, so I try to be better prepared this time. Besides, I was able to use up some odds and ends of baby sock yarn for the two projects:

Baby Socks

Baby Socks

Baby Hat

Baby Hat










Lastly, I realised, I totally forgot to tell you about my Ravellennic Games project. Sadly, I did not finish it time to count for the finish line. But I finished it nonetheless. It’s a nice toy that I had intended to give to my niece. But it turned out so prettily, that I decided to keep it for my future kids. But see for yourself:

Ravellennic Centipede

Ravellennic Centipede

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Step 8: Fourth Set Done

I have not worked on my Rainbow Blankie for quite a while now. Socks and other small projects (mostly the baby stuff I’ve been working on) have taken the place of my on-the-go knitting, lately. But a few days ago, I was out of projects that piqued my interest, and the KAL I wanted to join had not started, yet. So I came back to my Blankie squares. I manages to finish the remainder of the green-outside, red-inside squares. So, with these finished, I now have 156 of the needed 198 squares. That means, I’ve got about 78% of the squares done. Given that I started about three years ago, that’s not too bad.

Here are all the 32 green-red squares of this batch:

Rainbow Blankie: 32 green-red squares

Rainbow Blankie: 32 green-red squares

Now I finally get to change colours again. I was growing a bit tired of the red and green combo. Conveniently for spring, the new colours will be pink and violet. I’m looking forward to it!

Just a few days ago, I stumbled across Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket, which is essentially what I’m making, but for the yarn weight. I think I will incorporate the edging idea and maybe some other tips and tricks, as well. I will keep you posted!


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Web-less days

Trying to change the internet provider has proven (once again) a real disaster. I’ve been living without real web access since the beginning of February. It’s easy to forget, how much time you spent day in, day out using some sort of web service – until you don’t have it anymore. Within the first two days I had maxed out my high-speed mobile limit. After four days, I was actively considering going to work, despite still having three days of vacation to go, simply to be able to check my emails.

The situation is still unresolved. You’d think that would give me ample time to do some crafting. But far from it. I’ve spent countless hours waiting in the store of my provider-to-be. Thus, there is not much knitting or other crafting to report.

But I did get one project done, my “Laura’s Laces Cowl“:

Laura's Laces Cowl

Laura’s Laces Cowl

The cowl is knit with a single skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the colourway Bittersweet. The pattern is written for just this yardage and although I didn’t get the cowl to be as pyramidal as the author obviously desired, I really like it. The yarn is soft and springy and the colours are just the perfect dash of spring to add to my dark winter clothes.

I bought the skein on a trip to a SciFi convention near Baltimore last August. I really like making things with souvenir yarn, as you can always think of where you got it from whenever you wear the finished garment (and while knitting it, of course). In times of digital photos and text messages or emails instead of postcards, yarn gives me a very tangible memory of its origin.

I also attempted to compete in this year’s Ravellenic Winter Games, the competition held during the Olympic Games at the famous knit and crochet platform. This cowl made it into the WIP category, at least. But my main entry suffered a pushback due to the above mentioned hours spent on getting my internet back. Oh, well. At least it’ll count for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps. And I’ll have a nice FO soon. More about it in my next post.

Oh, and just in time for this month’s submission, I got the next installment of the Daily Tricorder Readings Blanket done. It represents January’s data:

Daily Tricorder Readings Blanket - Square 2

Daily Tricorder Readings Blanket – Square 2

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